REAL people, living in real Life

with a real god

REAL PEOPLE: The first part is there because as a church we aren't looking for perfect people. Often in church we feel like we have to pretend and than end up having a bunch of pretentious people who on the surface seem perfect but really have all kinds of crap going on. Unfortunately the witness to the community that this portrays is simply hypocrisy. 

We want to be real. 

REAL LIFE: Somewhere along the way the church building has become the sacred space and all other space is secular. That was never God's intention. We want to redeem homes and coffee shops, dance studios and businesses, so that His people can be the church wherever God has placed us. 

REAL GOD: We believe that God is active and alive and moving in our world all around us. That is best revealed to us through the person of Jesus Christ and so we make much of Jesus. Jesus is central to everything we do. We sing, pray, and preach in His powerful Name. 

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