what to expect

First off this is not your grandma and grandpa's church (no offence to my grandma's church that my dad is the pastor of here in town:) When you walk through our front door, you are walking into our family and we will treat you like it. We are a group of passionate young families and professionals who are going on mission to serve the city of Port Alberni. We are moving forward and are excited about the future of both our community and the church. We aren't stuck on church buildings or liturgical services. We are business owners and teachers, nurses and city workers, people from all walks of life journeying together to grow in our faith as we walk out life together. With lots of little kids underfoot, there is energy and mess and a crazy heart to serve the people of our community in any way we can. We are not some religious wing nuts or a cult who is brainwashing people to do what we do. We love questions and doubts and encourage the individuality that God has created you with. We love to eat food together, party, laugh, share tears, serve our community and learn how Jesus loved us first so we can reflect His love to others.